Serinus melanochrous  

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Kipengere seedeater

Crithagra melanochroa (Serinus melanochrous)

Geographical distribution and habitat

Crithagra melanochroa is only found in a relatively small area located in the mountain able parts in south-eastern Tanzania. The habitat of the Kipengere seedeater are the higher located forests and bushlands in this area. The diet of this rather large Serin-species is not well known, but it is reported that they feed on seeds of different herbs, grasses, shrubs and trees.

Size: 15 cm (5.9 inch)

Description and subspecies

There are no differences in sexes, and has no subspecies. In the past, Crithagra melanochroa was considered a subspecies of Crithagra burtoni, in some books also as a subspecies of Crithagra striolata.


The Kipengere seedeater is described as a bird that is not often heard singing and likes to stay in the more dense vegetation. Remarkable are the few white spots under the eyes and a vague, off-white supercilium. The head and upperparts are dark olive-brown, streaked darker on mantle and back. Underparts are heavily streaked. Whether Crithagra melanochroa has ever been imported in Europe is not known.




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