Serinus flavigula  

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Yellow-throated serin

Crithagra flavigula (Serinus flavigula)

Geographical distribution and habitat
Crithagra flavigula, Yellow-throated serin, is found in a very small range of a few tens of kilometers in central Ethiopia. This species is listed as an endangered species. It’s biotope is described as a semi-dry landscape, grown with acacias at an altitude between 1300 and 1600 meters. It is a rare species in the Genus of Crithagra, of which only little is known.

Length: 11 cm (4.33 inch)

Description and subspecies
There are no differences in sexes and there are no subspecies known.

Yellow-throated serin resembles Black-throated canary (Crithagra atrogularis) which however, does not show yellow on the underparts of the body. Yellow-throated serin has no black on the chin and neck. The species resembles also Yellow-rumped canary (Crithagra xanthopygia). In nature, nests were found in December and January. It is very unlikely Crithagra flavigula is ever kept and bred in European aviculture.




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