Alario leucoleamus  

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Damara canary

Serinus leucolaema (alario leucolaemus)

Geographical distribution and habitat

The Damara canary lives in dry areas in the South-West of the Republic of South-Africa; more to the North then the Alario finch. In the past, thes Alario finch and the Damara canary were considered as specie and subspecie. In behavioural terms, migration movements and feeding, the Damara canary can be compared with the Alario finch.

Size: 13 cm (5.1 inch)

Description and subspecies

Also with the Damara canary it is no problem to recognize the female and male in adult birds. The male is much more contrastly signed and shows more contrast in colour then the female. No subspecies.


A remarkable coloured and signed bird. From observation in nature it is remarkable that feeding birds are not shy at all. Same as with the Alario finch, irregular migration is mentioned, sometimes solitary, sometimes in a large group. One year during the winter season they migrate, another year they don’t. Damara canaries are even less imported then the regular Alario finches. In the wild, nests were found at several times during the year, depending on (amongst other things) the climate of the region. Breeding season in the wild is from October to April. Damara canaries like turnipseeds. A balanced diet with not too many fat-rich seeds, together with enough space to move, could ensure that this birds don’t soon become fat.



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